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      Trip Highlights
  9 December 2007
New Friends and Adventures!
We had a great time camping with new friends we met online. They kept us laughing at the campfire the first night, went on a night ride, took Gregg to the never before seen Gordons Wall, and kept a great pace duning. They made our weekend a very memorable and fun experience well worth the effort of packing up and heading out to Gordons, when the threat of all day rain lingered on the weather channel.

  25 November 2007
Action Lacked
This was the season opener trip to Gordons for us. A weekend in which we went to the desert and never saw or rode the dunes. No one had quads among a very large group of people. We contemplated selling our desert toys. The Berm Track is done. The track is damaged beyond repair or change. The S curve no longer exists, a circle track is worthless. Damn golfcarts.

  11 February 2007
Action Packed
If you weren't there this weekend, then you missed out on the craziest events all rolled into one weekend. More details to be posted soon.

  12 January 2007
Below Freeezzzing!
Not only was it a long weekend (we arrived Thursday), but it was the windiest coldest worst weekend for riding.  We all had to wear rags over our noses and mouth to keep warm, and no amount of sleeping bags could fight off the intense cold. Half the camp left early. It was in the teens at night.  Cali wrecked in the dunes and rolled the bike. Everyone came home thawing out and worn out. One heck of a weekend.

  12 November 2006
3s a Crowd!
Gregg, Jules, and Cali went to Gordons. We camped walking distance to the entrance and enjoyed watching a lot of people get DUIs and tickets. Jules drove home after a short day of dune riding to meet up with a girl. Mark, Lori and family were camped by the Berm Track with friends and enjoyed a windy yet fun weekend right next to the track action. It was super windy on Sunday and we drove around at the end of the day and picked up a lot of recyclables. It was a great weekend.

  27 October 2006
Welcome to Gordons!
Gregg and I now have a record 3 weekends in a row at the desert! Finally time to hit up an old friend - Gordons Well.  We camped with Garrett's family, James, and friends. It was a good time, we got crazy on Friday and had a blast. Test and the drags were very tame considering it was a huge holiday weekend.  We discovered they've put in permanent toilets at the entrance.  And the Berm Track is amazing and in pristine condition with an additional path added for interest!

  20 October 2006
Superstition OHV Area
Gregg and I met up with James, Katie, and his coworkers. It was our first time out there and won't be our last! Friday nite it was so dusty that our riders got separated so we headed back to camp while the jeeps went looking for the buggy.  We cooked up pizza and omelets all weekend and had a great time trail riding, watching satellite TV, and discovering landmarks.

  13 October 2006
Camping Alone
Gregg and I took our trailer to Ocotillo for her first maiden voyage to the desert!  It was super windy and it was just him and I at camp.  We called Aaron up for a Saturday ride and he arrived early Sat. and all 3 of us rode around all day between camp, Blow Sand and Shell Reef. When he left I tore up Blow Sand endless times and Gregg and I rode through Mad Hatters trail around the mtn. Was a great adventure!

  14 April 2006
3 Peas in a Pod
Gregg, Julian, and I drove in Jules' truck to meet James and his crew at Gordons. Our camp was so difficult to find that we got lost every single time we tried to get back.  In fact, we spent a good 1/2 hr one night searching. Garrett's little guppy friends went. Got crazy at the hill until James busted his axle.
NOTE: The Berm Track is in the worst condition it has ever been.

  26 March 2006
Ocotillo Wells!
Our humble beginnings started here at this dusty and dirty paradise of rock terrain.  We camped with Chris and friends and had a lot of fun riding on long washes through the desert, except when the clouds of dirt would sting our eyes. Chris rode up a steep hill and got stuck. We drove through this super narrow ravine which was surreal and incredible.  It was a really fun, trip.

  8 January 2006
Becca and Friends
We drove out with Randy in his truck. met the usual BTC members out there. James was out there too. Friday nite saw too many drinks, so James threw a chair at Becca, while Randy threw plastic in the fire. Saturday nite most everyone went to bed early, party poopers.  But we carried the party on til the music and talking got canned by the elders.

  18 December 2005
Back to Basics
We left early Thursday afternoon for Gordons Well with Jules. We met up with the orig. BTC members and Joe finally camped too. Everyone had a great time. No one at camp had any drinks, which was nice. Gregg & Cali tented it with Jules and froze at night, but it was fun. Caasy and Sam were in town and Sam had a crazy first time as a passenger in Arne's dune buggy whipping through the sandy terrain.

  27 November 2005
Turkey Day in the Desert
We left early Thursday afternoon for Gordons Well. We took the '64. Cali got herself lost at night. All day Friday most of camp rode to Glamis. Saturday was Cali's bday, and we did Turkey day fixins complete with a fried turkey, potatoes, asparagus, and stuffing and pumkin pie with coolwhip. Was sooo good. Later we all drove to Test and Cali flew off the bike and ate it.

  20 November 2005
Glamis a Second Time
Gregg and I made the trek in Randy's truck and Chris' trailer to Glamis to meet up with Pam & Steve, Julian & Matt, Mike P, Tabitha, and Jamie their friend. Had a blast at Jules & Matt's camp laughing so hard about his broken chair and the toybox buried in front of us. Mike P. brought a lot of triangle drama, while the peanut gallery watched it unfold.

  4 November 2005
Breakin' In & Down
Gregg was surprised with a new 2006 Y450 for his b-day, then our truck broke down on way out, but a friend nearby was able to fix it. We got to camp Fri at 2am. Sat. was a blur and not much riding. Sun. Brock and his friend had a head-on collision atop Test Hill. Thankfully they were ok, their quads were not though. James' rail broke and had to get towed by Arne's. Nothin' like exhaust burning your eyes & face. No group photo this time, we'll take it earlier next trip.

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Welcome to our Gordons Well website.  We are a few out of thousands that enjoy what Gordons Well has to offer its visitors.  Among the treats are its infamous Berm Track, Patton Valley, Test Hill, and the Sand Drags before sunset.  The sandy dunes are incredible and will ensure your molars get gritty if you're caught smiling too long while watching other riders rim the sand dune bowls or catch some air.  Yes, another sunny weekend spent mastering the turns at the Berm Track.


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